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January 10, 2019 Small

Beautiful Small Living Room Sets

Small living room sets – Modern and contemporary styles remain a preferred choice in the decoration of the living room. Many modern designs include modular furniture with minimal ornamentation, but multiple functions. A shelf can present an elongated platform for use as a table or a computer zone. Two small ottomans with removable tray tabletops can serve as coffee tables, small makeshift seats or concealed storage. A futon style sofa in a simple platform frame can be developed for use as a bed. An accent wall in a bright color or with a packaging mural can illuminate a forgotten corner and serve as a focal point.

Bedroom Gray Couch Living Room

Bedroom Gray Couch Living Room

If you choose to decorate your small living room with printed fabric for your sofa, cushions or curtains, go with small patterns, as large ones dominate a small space in the room. In a small living room, do not choose the fabric with printing for everything. Instead, choose only one or two patterned pieces, like a sofa; Use solid colors for curtains and cushions. In addition, the vertical stripes on the walls give the illusion of height, and the horizontal stripes make the room look larger.

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Your choice of furniture is an important part of the small living room decoration. Take advantage of the vertical space in the decoration with tall furniture instead of short, box-shaped furniture. Do not buy furniture that is too big an entire sectional sofa in your space can make it seem narrow. The decoration with too much furniture also makes the space reduced, so choose essential pieces. For small spaces, use furniture that has a dual purpose, such as a storage ottoman.

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